Malaparte logo, wooden peg.

Chef and veteran New York City restaurateur Emanuele Attala opened Malaparte in January of 2011 with his long-time manager Sebastian Widmann. The restaurant is located on a quiet corner in the far West Village. The cuisine is inspired by the cooking of Emanuele’s home town of Rimini on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. What immediately leaps to mind are the grilled branzino, served whole and yet carefully deboned, and the calamari alla griglia, which are browned to perfection and serve with capers and extra virgin olive oil. Both dishes are classics from the coast of Emilia Romagna. Also on the menu is the spaghetti alla carbonara, with guanciale and organic eggs, a classic of another place, Rome, where Sebastian spent his childhood. The cuisine at Malaparte, which includes white pizze imaginatively topped and hearty lasagnas, is characterized by its simplicity and freshness.